Since 2013, Seacoast Kidney and Hypertension has offered many kidney-centric clinical trials, providing volunteers with innovative, not-yet-available-to-the-public, state-of-the-art care and treatments.  Volunteering for a clinical trial allows participants to play an active role in their health care, while also contributing to the future of medicine.  Participating in a clinical trial may have great benefits for participants, including seeing an improvement in their disease, and the ability to be part of the advancement of medicine.

Participating in a clinical trial at Seacoast Kidney means you will have access to our study nurse, and a team of doctors and medical personnel who are committed to your care and wellbeing.  In addition, compensation for your time and travel is provided.


EMPA-KIDNEY (The Study of Heart and Kidney Protection With Empagliflozin)


 ♦ Diabetic Kidney Disease ♦

  • If you want to explore new, state-of-the-art treatments, or if you simply want to learn more about our current trials, please do not hesitate to contact our Research Department, at 603-766-3178.
  • Additionally, you can reach the Research Department through e-mail by clicking the “Contact Research Team” link to the left.  Please do not include any personal health information on the form.



Dr. Sucharit Joshi, our Principal Investigator, is a board certified nephrologist and internal medicine doctor.  With over two decades of research experience, Dr. Joshi brings an unparalleled expertise to the nephrology community.  Dr. Joshi has received research and humanism awards from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and teaching awards from Harvard Medical School.  As a partner and physician at Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension, Dr. Joshi compassionately treats patients with kidney and hypertension problems.  Additionally, Dr. Joshi is a medical director at a Fresenius dialysis facility.

Dorleena Gowen, CMA, is our Research Coordinator.  Dorleena’s work has been instrumental in making sure the research department runs smoothly.  Hired from her externship due to exceptional drive and positivity, Dorleena has been an important team member of Seacoast Kidney for over 12 years. 

Ashlee Morris, RN, CDN, is our Clinical Research Coordinator. Ashlee joins Seacoast Kidney and Hypertension after a 13 year career in outpatient dialysis with Fresenius Kidney Care. Driven by her empathy and compassion for those affected by kidney disease and backed by Good Clinical Practice certification, Ashlee manages participants enrolled in the relevant clinical trials conducted by Seacoast Kidney and Hypertension, according to srtict research guidelines, keeping close to heart the best interest and safety of the enrolee. She hopes for a better and healthier future for those with kidney disease.